Friday, September 20, 2013

All Things Not Considered (Explanatory Draft)

The poem is about the conflict happening in the Middle Eastern specifically in Palestine. it seem like religion was the main idea in this poem. the writer questioned how does the war is considered holy? how is killing thousands of innocent life is called holy?

Was the war really for the people? the line ''Some picked up guns because guns were given.'' shows that some of them was going for war reluctantly (or by force?). they have no idea what was going on and yet they are told to fight for something that they are uncertain of.

"If they were holy it was okay to use guns." was the one who holding the guns are considered holy? they guns symbolized superiority or power. are the one holding the guns have the power? while the one with stones considered rebel? or the terrorist for this matter? words are merely a audible matter and nothing to be considered and this is where the guns intervene.

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