Monday, September 23, 2013



My poem ‘The Bloody Playground’ is inspired by Naomi Shihab Nye’s ‘All Thing Not Considered’. It is about the war going on in a place (not specific) where everything was destroyed and killed. It is a point of view from a son/father/friend. What triggered the inspiration was because I am a fan of war poems. Not just poems but any literature works related to war.


Nothing was said, nothing was done
Dreams to be crushed and hopes to be shunned
Then came the hard head with a massive gun
Feeding them bullets just for the fun

Joyous cheers breaking the sound barrier
What is to be rejoiced when all is disappear?
When the Holy Book is already clear
Aren’t you supposed to love thy neighbor?

As I hold a handful of wet sand
Covered with red that came from a man
Bone house burnt to the last strand
Everything was taken and no ground to stand

As a soulless body falls into my arm
There’s no more smile to make you calm
No more hugs to keep you warm
Forget me not, as I love you mom

No mercy for the knelt plead
No turning back and forward we succeed
Two wishes for my budding seed
Be careful and Godspeed.

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